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The Eagle Who Thought He Was A Chicken


Once a farmer found an eagle’s egg in an abandoned nest. He took it home and slipped it in amongst his chickens under a brooding hen. 

When the egg hatched the mother hen reared the eagle chick as if it were her own child. And so that eagle chick grew up thinking that he was a chicken. He pecked like a chicken, he scratched like a chicken he even walked like a chicken. But in time, he grew bigger and it became clear to the other birds that this chick was an eagle. They would swoop down and say, “You are an eagle, you and king of the birds. Come and fly with us.” “I’m not an eagle, I’m a chicken,” he’d tell them. “My mother’s a chicken. I live like a chicken. I am a chicken. Now go away!”

But that young eagle chick continued to grow. One day an owl swooped down. 
“Get on my back” he said, “I’ve got something to show you.”  The young eagle hopped onto the owl’s back and the owl flew high into the sky. 
“Put me down. Put me down. I don’t like it up here,” the young eagle squawked. 
“You’ll be fine,” said the owl. “Trust me.” Soaring higher and higher, the owl finally flipped himself over and the eagle fell, plummeting fast towards the ground. 
“Why?” screeched the eagle. “I’m going to die.” “Just open your wings,” called the owl.

The eagle opened his wings and was caught by the wind. Soon he was soaring above the farm and the chickens bellow. “You’re right,” cried the eagle. “I am an eagle. I can fly.”

We are who we are. Wherever we live and whoever we live with

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