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Complete_ly Finished

No English dictionary has been able to adequately explain the difference between the two words, COMPLETE and FINISHED. 

Some people say there is no difference between Complete and Finished. However, there is a difference: 

*When you marry the right woman, you are Complete. 

*When you marry the wrong woman, you are Finished

***And when the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are Completely Finished!

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Cut The Branches

Once there was a king who received a gift of two magnificent falcons from Arabia.

He gave the precious birds to his head falconer to get them trained. 

Months passed and one day the head falconer informed the king that though one of the falcons was flying majestically, soaring high in the sky, the other bird had not moved from its branch since the day it had arrived.

The king summoned healers and sorcerers from all the land to tend to the falcon, but no one could make the bird fly. He presented the task to the member of his court, but the next day, the king saw through the palace window that the bird had still not moved from its branch.

Having tried everything else, the king thought to himself… “Maybe I need someone more familiar with the countryside to understand the nature of this problem.” 

So he cried out to his court, “Go and get a farmer.”

In the morning the king was thrilled to see the falcon soaring high above the palace gardens.

He said to his court, “Bring me the doer of this miracle.”

The court quickly located the farmer, who came and stood before the king. 

The king asked him, “How did you make the falcon fly?”

With his head bowed, the farmer said to the king, 

“It was very easy, your highness… I simply cut the branch where the bird was sitting.”

We are all made to fly, to realise our incredible potential as human beings but at times we sit in our branches, clinging to the things that are familiar to us. 

The possibilities are endless, but for most of us, they remain undiscovered.

We confine to the familiar ‘comfort zones’, ‘bad past’, ‘uncertain future’, hence most part of our lives are mediocre instead of being exciting, thrilling and fulfilling.

So let us learn to destroy the branches of laziness, past or fear that we’ve been clinging to and free ourselves to the glory of flight!!!

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Way To The Heart

When the two ears are put side by side it forms the shape of the heart. lnterestingly, the word ‘ear’ sits right in the middle of the word ‘heart’ (h-ear-t)
The ear is the way to the heart. So, if you want someone’s heart, learn to listen to him/her. 
If you want God’s Heart, learn to listen to His Spirit.

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“We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.”
_Swami Vivekananda 

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There are three kinds of people:

Those who know how to count and those who don’t. 

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Good Governance 

It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.” 

_George Washington

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